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5 Best Personal Training locations in Kansas City, MO

KEV's Best

Click the link below for the top and leading Personal Training in Kansas City. To help you find the best Personal Training located near you in Kansas City, we put together our own list based on this rating points list.



Life Adapted Fitness is about providing health and fitness resources and guidance. When you look at fitness today, there is a big emphasis on changing your lifestyle to meet your fitness goals. This can sometimes make fitness a discouraging and challenging journey. We strive to educate you and simplify the process.  As we work together to insert fitness naturally into your life, fitness won’t feel forced and will be a comfortable extension of your daily life.

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All LAF Memberships come with:

24/7 Access to the club, The LAF App, 2 Health Assessments a year, and a quarterly coaching session.

(Taxes are not included in prices listed below.)

Please no Walk-ins, Schedule an Appointment.

PASSES (no walk-ins)

- 3 Day Pass: $40

- 1 Week Pass: $45
- 1 Month Pass: 80
- 3 Month Pass: $210

MONTHLY Memberships

Monthly membership with no term limit and can be cancelled at any time. 
- Monthly: $70
- Family Add-on: $60

PREPAID Memberships

6 Month:

- $390 ($65 per month)

12 Month:

- $720 ($60 per month)

12 Month Family Add-on:

- $620 ($51.60 per month)

Cancellation Policy:

***Memberships are to remain in full effect until you cancel it via written notice to or through the Member Portal at least 15 days prior. Any charges scheduled before the final date after the 15 day notice will still be charged. You can give an earlier notice to avoid any charges. If you are the account holder and are paying for family and friends memberships, you must cancel all memberships individually. 

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By Appointment Only

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Personal Training

What are you made of?

We got your back!

Go for it!

We utilize one of the most advance pieces of testing equipment today called the         

Inbody 570.

We do not stop there, we also make an effort to understand the way you look and understand food. These are the important parts to building a solid plan to help you achieve your goal.

When it comes to health and fitness, there is not a one size fits all plan. Let us help you take a more structured approach to your health. Achieving more on your own time with a personalized workout program designed for your individual needs!

Working with a personal trainer is a premium service, and we understand the importance of education. All trainers of LAF are required to hold a Bachelors Degree in a exercise related field along with being nationally certified.


1-on-1 Training Services:

-Personal Training (1 hour) @ $75 per

-30 min Personal Training @ $45 per

- HIIT PT (25 min) @ $40 per

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Personal Trainer
CPT, Ortho-Kinetics

While running track at California State University my passion for health and fitness grew enormously.

I knew that I would always be involved in the health and fitness lifestyle. After earning my degree in Biology I became a competitive bodybuilder and certified elite personal trainer. Since 2013, I have been helping my clients achieve immeasurable fitness goals through my expert level of training and nutrition coaching. My clients enjoy working with me because I help them achieve their goals in an effective, fun, and encouraging way. 


I look forward to talking with you about your goals and helping you achieve them. 


Eddie Hawkins

Personal Trainer

I first found my love for fitness while playing football and running track at Northwest Missouri State University. For the last 12 years the gym has been an energy release for me and has helped me maintain the active lifestyle I enjoy. 


My goal is to motivate and bring out the best version of yourself possible. Both in and outside of the gym.

Lisa Hampton headshot.jpg


Personal Trainer
B.A. Psychology, CPT

I was a psychology major with the goal of helping people when I discovered weightlifting through a physical education course. Lifting weights transformed my body quickly and created a lot of positive mental and emotional changes that transformed my life on every level. I believe that fitness and nutrition are the keys to living life to its fullest. My goal is still to help people by designing effective training programs and coaching my clients toward looking better, feeling better and living better for longer.

I’m a busy single mom of one wonderful daughter. I enjoy all different kinds of music, art, and a good gin and tonic with friends.



Owner and Founder
B.S. Exercise Science

Prior to attending the University of Central Missouri I knew how I was going to make a difference. I was an experienced athlete and avid gym enthusiast and I channeled that passion into a career. I’ve been helping people achieve their goals since 2007. My clientele ranges from Pro athletes to folks who just want to feel better. Currently, My training methodology is rooted in my background in Exercise Therapy. Taking a measured and scientific approach to training allows me to adapt fitness into my clients' lives.

Love to travel and explore the outdoors with my wife Naomi - kind of a foodie - Deep Thinker - and love my dogs Lulu (Basenji), Chief (Pitsky), and Max (Boxador)

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414 E 63rd St #101, Kansas City, MO 64110, USA

Call: (816) 605-1810


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